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Honey Production


Most Common FAQ’s

Do you test your honey?

Beelicious industry-leading testing practices ensure you are getting the purest, highest quality honey available. We invest in best practices to guarantee you receive 100% pure honey every time.

Does local honey help with allergies?
Where is the honey from?
Is honey better for me than processed sugar?
Do you feed the bees? If so, what?
Is all of your honey organic?
My honey is hard. What does this mean?
What can I pair honey with?
Is the honey non-GMO?
How does honey compare to agave, stevia, etc.?
Pure Raw Honey

Need a Steady Supply of All-Natural, Organic, Super-Sweet Honey?

Bee Pollen is pollen from various flowers of summer season. Pollen is a superfood which contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein.